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“Have You Tried the Corn Dog?”

I’ve been revived from my summertime blogger’s-block doldrums by . . . what else?  The Telegraph‘s hilarious photo of Michele Bachmann — the woman lawyer other women lawyers love to hate, and the winner (I still can’t believe it) of the Iowa straw poll (Iowans! (the 4700 that voted for Bachmann, enabling her to claim the […]

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Planned Politics

The runaway freight train of conservative politics that has taken up the effort to defund Planned Parenthood hit its first speed bump yesterday when U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Walton Pratt (the first African-American federal judge in Indiana history) preliminarily enjoined enforcement of Indiana’s recently-passed defunding law.  

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Felon In Love

On Monday, papers were filed in New York federal court in anticipation of the June sentencing of Danielle S. Chiesi — the former beauty queen turned Wall Street trader who pleaded guilty last year in the insider trading case involving Galleon Group and Raj Rajaratnam (who himself was found guilty by a jury last month).  Chiesi […]

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Woman Lawyer I Least Envied Last Week — Cate Edwards

And you thought your week was bad.  Imagine being Cate Edwards.  That’s her in the red sweater, in unfailingly dignified support of her father, jerk-of-the-month club president John Edwards, as he fielded questions after being indicted last week on six felony counts for alleged violations of federal campaign finance laws.  

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Voluptuous Paralegal Mystery Solved

The story regarding a trial lawyer’s objection to a “large-breasted” woman seated at his opposing counsel’s table  just keeps getting better and better.  Because I can’t improve upon Above the Law’s coverage, I will simply refer you to it here.  Enjoy!

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Senator Warren? I Like the Sound of That

I read with joy the NYT story (later downplayed, according to the Huffington Post) reporting that Elizabeth Warren, Harvard Law professor and President Obama’s special advisor tasked with setting up the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is being courted by Democrats to run for Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat (occupied by Republican Scott Brown since 2009).  This news delights […]

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