Woman Lawyer I Least Envied Last Week — Cate Edwards


And you thought your week was bad.  Imagine being Cate Edwards.  That’s her in the red sweater, in unfailingly dignified support of her father, jerk-of-the-month club president John Edwards, as he fielded questions after being indicted last week on six felony counts for alleged violations of federal campaign finance laws.  I Googled images of John Edwards from last week, and Cate Edwards was in nearly every one.

To say that Ms. Edwards had a crappy 2010 is the understatement of the century.  In January, her father admitted to fathering a child with the wacky campaign videographer he had an affair with while he was running for president in 2008; in February, her parents separated; and in December, her mother died of breast cancer.  And given the scene last week, 2011 is not shaping up to be much of an improvement.  Yet Cate Edwards is no victim, nor is she just some spoiled political rich kid riding the coattails of her parents’ fame (or in this case, infamy).  Educated in the public schools of North Carolina (where she played soccer, basketball, and softball — I love that), Cate graduated from Princeton with honors and from Harvard Law School where she was an editor of the Harvard Review of Law and Policy and devoted two years working for the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau.  She clerked for Eastern District of Virginia Chief Justice Leonie M. Brinkema (who presided over the Zacarias Moussaoui case and deserves her own post on this blog) and then joined a D.C. class action boutique representing individuals in discrimination and other civil rights claims.

While the world has spent considerable time obsessing over the style and poise of another 29-year-old Catherine — a/k/a Kate Middleton, whose claim to fame appears to rest on little more than her marriage to the man second in line to the British throne — Cate Edwards has been doing what she’s done since her father was first elected senator when she was 16 years old: quietly and without fanfair conducting herself with class and dignity under some singularly compromising personal circumstances, all the while reaching for greatness in her own right.  For her sake, I hope John Edwards’ legal troubles are resolved quickly and expediently so that she can go on to live what I fully expect will be an extraordinary life.

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