Felon In Love

On Monday, papers were filed in New York federal court in anticipation of the June sentencing of Danielle S. Chiesi — the former beauty queen turned Wall Street trader who pleaded guilty last year in the insider trading case involving Galleon Group and Raj Rajaratnam (who himself was found guilty by a jury last month).  Chiesi admitted to having sex with men in order to get confidential information — which she kinda had to admit, given the wiretaps federal authorities placed on her phones.  And she wasn’t shy about it either.  Among other things, she admitted on tape that “the chase” for insider information excited her:  “It’s a conquest,” she said.  “It’s mentally fabulous for me.”

Mentally fabulous indeed.  And as if her feeding into the worst possible female stereotypes by using sex to succeed in business weren’t bad enough for professional women everywhere, her latest legal ploy throws gas on the fire.  In her sentencing memorandum, Chiesi implores the judge to show her leniency based upon the argument that — gulp — her boyfriend made her do it.  “Dani was motivated by an unhealthy and abnormal desire to please, or conversely, by an extreme need to avoid rejection and abandonment” by her married boyfriend (and boss) Mark Kurland (among others).  In other words, don’t sentence me for too very long Mr. Judge because while it may seem like I am just another insider trading fraudster, in fact, I am a needy and insecure woman looking for love.  Ugh.

A little part of me hopes that Ms. Chiesi and her lawyers are merely making arguments in a desperate attempt to reduce her sentence — which, given that the case is the largest insider trading scandal since Ivan Boesky, is likely to be pretty substantial.  But as a professional woman, I was mortified to see her resort to the boyfriend defense.  As unpleasant and somehow embarrasing as the image is of Ms. Chiesi as a brash, high-flying Wall Street insider who bragged about her sexual exploits and equated stock trading to orgasms, to have her now play the lovelorn victim card seems so much worse.

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    1. Mike - 06 Fri 2011

      hmmm… she sounds hot. Can you post a picture?

      (ha ha ha… just kidding big sis!)

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