25 Things that Piss Me Off

I read an article in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly today where Stephen King said he once started a list entitled “25 Things That Piss Me Off” but was unable to come up with more than about a dozen (because he’s so good-natured — I have no such problem).  Because I love Stephen King (if you like to write and haven’t read his book “On Writing,” proceed to Amazon now), and because I love a challenge, here is my list of 25 Things That Piss Me Off . . . about being a woman lawyer:

  1. Being mistaken for a court reporter
  2. Being mistaken for a legal assistant (by a judge, in court, while I’m seated at counsel’s table)
  3. Pantyhose
  4. The fact that as a man gets more successful, people tend to like him more, but as a woman gets more successful, people (including women) tend to like her less
  5. Women lawyers earning only 85% of what their male counterparts earn
  6. Male partners asking female partners to do clerical work for them
  7. Male associates asking female partners to do clerical work for them
  8. Lunchtime
  9. Kitten heels
  10. Unpaid maternity leave
  11. The firm calling a woman lawyer to do work while she is out on unpaid maternity leave
  12. The breast pump
  13. The disproportionate number of women equity partners in law firms
  14. The disproportionate number of women in managerial positions in law firms
  15. The assumption that a woman lawyer is unable to travel to a deposition because she has children at home
  16. The assumption that a woman lawyer is unable to first chair a case because she has children at home
  17. Being called a bitch
  18. Being called a wimp
  19. Client development in strip clubs
  20. A male lawyer telling his friends that his female opposing counsel is ugly
  21. A male lawyer telling his friends he’d like to have sex with his female opposing counsel, or his female client, or the female judge presiding over his case
  22. Legal assistants who say they hate women lawyers
  23. Lawyers who say they hate women lawyers
  24. Women lawyers who don’t try and support other women lawyers
  25. Clarence Thomas

Anything that pisses you off?  Write me and tell me about it.

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    1. anne fischer - 06 Thu 2011

      Things that PISS me off:

      Wall Street
      The Catholic Church
      Republican wannabes
      Assholes in general
      Mel Gibson
      Lazyass teachers
      loud kids in restaurants
      Clarence Thomas
      Lying hypocrites
      Rush Limbaugh
      ….there’s more and it pisses me off I can’t think of them right now!!!

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